Archive of living mysticism class July 12th, 2012
Thursday, March 29th 2012
Trying to Be Perfect: the Dynamics of Personalit‚Äčy and Ego versus (the big) Self

Following along behind the "dramas" of last week, we can now take up the "characters" in the drama. Who are you? Who do you try to be? Who do you want to be? What roles do you play or try to play?

A Course in Miracles says, many times over actually, "you are as God created you". Not being content with that creation, finding fault with yourself, you will try to be somebody or something else. Ego likes to pick holes and undermine, or present false appearances, designed to keep the self hidden or under control. It has a notion of "perfect" that you cannot possibly live up to. But either you try or you rebel. Neither response is very functional, or very healthy.

Personality needs to be something that fits naturally, without binding, so that you can move through life without fear or suffocation. How much is your personality and expression of yourself? And how much is it an artifice designed to keep the self hidden or under control? These are all questions to ask and themes to ponder in this session.


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