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Thursday, April 19th 2012
The Fragmented Psyche or Intuition, Imaginatio‚Äčn and the Conscious Mind

We are exploring in this session the concept of "the fragmented mind" from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective rather than a psychological one, although there are no doubt overlaps. Your minds are already fragmented. Simply by taking on physical form and coming into a specific culture or background, your minds are channelled into certain patterns and conditionings and along certain grooves. Just as your linguistic capacities at birth can go in any direction and take on any of the world's languages, so the mind can go in any direction also. But once "taught" or "learned", other explorations (both linguistically and mentally) become much more difficult to access. So, get over it folks, whether you are deemed "sane" or "insane", you are already fragmented. A Course in Miracles would consider us all insane!

Many of those whom our cultures deem "insane" have simply arrived at another and different part of the mind that is equally fragmented and seems quite "delusional" to the collective, but it is in fact just another part or piece of the fragmented whole. Just as the earth's surface is divided into tectonic plates which periodically bump into each other, causing great upheaval, so different parts of the fragmented mind run into each other causing upheavals of a different nature.

Now if you can start by seeing these plates as part of a whole, like pieces of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle, then you are no doubt on the road to recovery, or better still, to spiritual awakening. Following along in the wake of last week's exploration of reincarnation, it would be helpful for you to see these different pieces of the mind as connected to other experiences and other lifetimes, all being "reworked" yet again in this current incarnation. Intuition and imagination are as much tools to re-working, re-experiencing and understanding this process as is the conscious mind. They all need to work together to get out of the groove or rut of conditioned learning and experiencing.

So bring all three, intuition, imagination and the conscious mind, to the group!

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