Archive of living mysticism class July 12th, 2012
Thursday, May 24th 2012
The Tree of Life

Qabalah teaches in the Tree of Life a model of God, of the Universe and of the Self.

It pictures a universe of polarities in the 2 pillars of the Tree, with a balancing, third central pillar. It pictures the 10 aspects of God and of Creation in the 10 Sepiroth or spheres. It pictures the movement or journey in the 22 connecting paths. It pictures the 4 worlds or 4 levels of being.

It is an intricate model, at first seeming rather complicated. It has, however, vast applications and ultimately can become a model for anything and everything, or, to quote Jane Robert's Seth, "All That Is".

We use the Q-Qabalah of Western mysticism. Traditional Jewish Kabbalah is spelt with a K and Christian Cabbalah is spelt with a C. Beyond the Q-spelling, we include all aspects of these teachings. More importantly, the Tree of Life has become a working model for our own understanding and teaching.

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