Archive of living mysticism class July 12th, 2012
Thursday, May 31st 2012

Being in one of those personal cycles where equipment keeps breaking down, it seems appropriate to explore again the concept of cycles generally, both personally and collectively.

We talked last week, in our exploration of The Tree of Life, of building and tearing down, or the Qabalistic teaching of Mercy and Severity, and how The Path of Equilibrium winds between these opposites. Sometimes it seems as if the path winds from one cycle to the next. Sometimes it feels like the uneasy path of a drunk.

This Path of Equilibrium is apparent in the cycles of nature, of seasons, of weather, also of stock markets, politics etc. Oddly, and synchronistically, we have just heard a large flock of geese pass overhead, definitely an indication of the cycle of seasons, although not usually at the end of May. They must be moving house!

Recognising, confronting and dealing with your own personal cycles is an important part of the overall balance in your life. It is part of putting you in touch with The Big Universe, as opposed to living solely in your own little world. It is part of your awakening and healing, also part of your karmic realignment. We need to learn to celebrate our cycles of life, whatever they are.

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