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Thursday, July 5th 2012
Working with the Physical World as Teacher through Experience‚Äč.

The theme we have chosen stresses a Qabalistic concept that if you don't work with the Earth as Experience and Teacher, then you make it physical goal and end up disappointed, with an "Empty Shell", as Qabalah describes it, instead of a rich harvest or "Apple Orchard".

The Sepiroth of Qabalah are perceived as rich spheres of activity and learning. Their opposite are the Qliphoth which have become focuses of materialism and negativity through wrong thinking and misperception.

"I am upset because I see a meaningless world." (ACIM Lesson 12)

You all walk the sword's edge between these two worlds and will, of course, experience both. But you have a choice. You can "a bite of the apple" and suffer. Or you can end up with a whole apple orchard of harvest.

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