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Thursday, July 19th 2012

Communication occurs at many levels and is of course ongoing. Since mind or thought is the basis of your existence, you radio or signal this process continually. Likewise you receive the communication of others and the world around you. Quite a buzz really!! We would like to examine it.

Tarot explores life at four levels: emotions and feelings (water/cups), energy and creativity (fire/wands), perception and thought (air/swords), and physical manifestation (earth/pentacles). Breaking down and defining life/being/self at different levels makes you more conscious of the process and helps you to understand what is going on at the different levels, giving you more control over the process, instead of it just controlling you.

The four pages in Tarot are the messengers or communicators of the suit. The Page of Cups is communication through emotion, feelings and intuition. The Page of Wands is communication through energy, inspiration and action/change. The Page of Swords is communication of thoughts which are then expressed in some fashion to others. The Page of Pentacles is the communication from the world around you, including nature, what we call "the messages of the earth".

Of course all of these communication processes and levels can become blocked or distorted or confused in some fashion. Then they fill up the airwaves, so to speak, with fear and paranoia, anger and violence, neurosis and confusion, a general cacophony and din of trouble. A Course in Miracles says that there are only two basic responses that are communicated: love or fear. Now ask yourself, which of these are you communicating? The key is to become conscious of just what you are emitting and what you were receiving and when. We will explore.

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