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Thursday, August 23rd 2012

Phantasies Versus Truth: Using Tarot to Heal Vision

Many of A Course in Miracles' early lessons have to do with seeing: Lesson 15 "My Thoughts Are Images That I Have Made"; Lesson 20 "I Am Determined to See"; Lesson 21 "I Am Determined to See Things Differently".

I had a dream several nights ago about "Jungian archetypes" and using them to define oneself and heal. In the dream there were 20 or 21 (the number was in the low 20s but not exactly defined) "Jungian archetypes" and various things going on around them. But at some point in the dream, these translated into the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot and I was given 2 to work with.

As ACIM defines it, you think in images. Lesson 15 "My Thoughts Are Images That I Have Made". You have to learn to work with and be guided by healthy, healing images rather than phantasies and illusions or even fears or paranoia which do not heal but becomes destructive of your minds, yourselves and your lives. You will either live and act out your phantasies and fears or be led toward healing and the truth by healthy images. Lesson 20 "I Am Determined to See" and Lesson 21 "I Am Determined to See Things Differently".

Following through on some of the Chakra work that we have been doing in class, this is sixth Chakra work: how you see, how you think, your mind, your vision, judgements, perceptions. Energetically this is centred in your head, your brain, your eyes. We are going to work with the Tarot Major Arcana to help and heal vision and to help you to connect to inner vision and guidance. Lesson 44 states "God Is the Light in Which I See" and that you must recognise that the light is inside of you and not outside.



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