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Thursday, August 30rd 2012

Thursday, August 30th: Making the Mystical Connection

You are all a part of God, of The Big Universe, of Creation, of All That Is, or of any even Bigger Concept that you can find to acknowledge your relationship to The Source. There is a part of your Mind that is connected to your Source. Call it The God Gene if you will.

Jesus talks of The Holy Spirit as the connection to Source. Buddhism talks of Higher Mind. In Tarot the High Priestess indicates that connection and that this connection has more to do with intuition than logic. The word "intuition" itself is based on word compounds that mean "teaching" (the "tuition" part) and "in" (which obviously has to do with inner or inside). Intuition is the inner teacher. The Tarot Hermit also has to do with the inner self and the inner teacher.

A Course in Miracles has a series of lessons (lesson 44 through lesson 47) where this connection is portrayed as all pervading: "God Is the Light in Which I See", "God Is the Mind in Which I Think", "God Is the Love in Which I Forgive" and "God Is the Strength in Which I Trust".

In this class we are going to use Chakras and Tarot to find the strength of that connection. What is your strong(est) Chakra? What is your strong(est) Tarot archetype? We will use this as the basis of finding your connection. PS: I put it to the test and it is reassuring


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