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Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Being True to Nature. (Please note that this will be the last class until October).

Being True to Nature" points to a whole spectrum of connections: being true to yourself, expressing your true nature, what is your true nature, and connecting you back to Nature itself and the natural world. You all as humans take on a physical body, endowed if you like, by the Earth Mother or Mother Nature who is the feminine aspect of Creation, or "She Who Births" (the Empress in Tarot). That body becomes your vehicle and mode of expression for this lifetime.

Behind and in command of this body is Higher Consciousness or Higher Mind, you can also call it Soul, experiencing and evolving through the vehicle of the physical body. How Higher Consciousness uses this vehicle, how it expresses through this vehicle is the subject of our exploration in this class.

All of Nature and the Natural World is some aspect of consciousness expressing itself through form. In native teachings, you will hear of the Stone People, the Tree People, the Four Leggeds and, in Celtic teaching, The Green World. Devas and Nature Spirits are the consciousness behind plants.

Learning to see and work with Nature from a spiritual perspective as Teacher and Friend, learning to see yourself and your existence from this same perspective (i.e. as Teacher and Friend) can be both enlightening and healing. Your Higher Nature is expressing and experiencing through Nature, each in a unique and individual way.

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