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November 29th 2012


Among the collective, you will generally find Synchronicity referred to as "Coincidence" or "Chance" because the laws that govern META-physical reality are not recognised or understood. But there is no chance in the world. The world mirrors thought, collectively and individually, because THOUGHT or MIND is the basis of the world's creation and formation.

Synchronicity is Jung's word for seemingly chance events occurring at the same time. It's a good word, and a useful one, because it is only by stepping back from an event and observing what else is going on at the same time, both in your mind and in your world, that you will begin to understand its larger significance and see that it is NOT random. This process and practice is the beginning of healing fragmentation in the mind. (A Course in Miracles deals in various lessons with the problems of the mind fragmenting events and thoughts.)

Observing Synchronicity at work is also a fascinating process of what you might call " connecting the dots". There is a magnetic force at work pulling things together and therefore synchronising them. What is this magnetic force synchronising at any one time? Why does such an event or illness occur at a particular time? What is it telling you? Why do you encounter this person? What is he/she mirroring to you? What is going on in your mind? This is a very eye opening and enlightening practice.

This is also why Tarot works. The cards picture the underside of how your life is put together from the thoughts and events going on. This "House of Cards" pictures your life made up of thoughts, images, events and encounters, all synchronising into forming your own personal "House of Cards". Tarot works because the magnetic force of Synchronicity is an underlying factor of existence. We will explore Synchronicity and how it is working in your lives in this class.

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