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December 6th 2012

The Magnetic Force or Law of Attraction​

We talk a lot in readings and classes about "mirrors" and how a mirror never fails to capture YOUR reflection...surprise, surprise! However, the "mirror" concept is only a simple teaching device. It doesn't explain WHY this works.

What is at work here is one of the primary, basic metaphysical laws of the universe, namely: the Magnetic Force or Law of Attraction. Like a magnet, this force draws to you all that IS you. You cannot fool the Magnetic Force! What you see and experience is part of you somewhere, either conscious or unconscious. Like attracts like. The "mirror" concept works precisely because of this magnetic force. Tarot works for the same reason. This is also why "synchronicity" (which we explored last week) works.

It is also why prayer works...... and decree or creative visualisation or whatever name it currently goes by. You put something out there; you draw it to you. However, when you consciously put out a prayer or decree, it would be wise to be mindful of the fact that what you draw to you is not just what you consciously desire, but all that is attached to this request in the unconscious as well. For example, praying for money may well be coming from a deep sense of shortage or undeserving.

Essentially, that which attracts is a thought, or thought form, part of your belief system and therefore part of your mind. Your mind, all of it, conscious and unconscious, is the builder and creator of your world and how you experience it. You attract to you that which your mind is putting out in the way of thought or belief, but it is the WHOLE thought, not just the conscious part of it, and often it is the unconscious part of it which your conscious mind ignores. Back to the scientific concept of "entropy" (which we talked about several weeks ago) where the creation of order has its counterpart or counter creation in chaos or entropy from that which was not included in the order. A Course in Miracles makes the statement that "there are no idle thoughts". Every one of them is active and has within it the power to create through this magnetic force. ACIM also states that every thought is based on either Love or Fear. As I Ching says "must one not then be cautious?"!

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