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December 27th 2012

Life Challenges​/Spiritual Challenges​:
What Are Yours?

.We decided to hold this class for whomever wants to (or is able to) show up between Christmas and New Year's. Snow has certainly added another dimension to the holidays and the Christmas season. We had our own conundrums with it today, having taken our car into the shop in Monroeville just before the snow started this morning. Getting home was quite a challenge and involved walking, waiting, bussing, getting very cold, and a whole mega-dose of trust and patience! Edgar Cayce once said that the three dimensions of the physical plane are Time, Space and Patience.

So what are the challenges? Trust and Patience are big ones, at least for me. Both the challenge and the gift of our cross-country road trip this past autumn was trust, and especially trust of the Mother or Earth Mother.

Take some time to think of your experiences this year. What have been the challenges? What have been the rewards? Life is an evolutionary process. There is much more going on spiritually than one is often aware of or takes credit for.

If you want to come and share any of this tomorrow night, we shall be happy to explore with you. Otherwise, have yourselves a blessed New Year, with much joy and much learning in 2013.

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