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Life does not exist separate from it mystical roots.

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Living Mysticism is first and foremost the soul's journey back to The Big Universe in order to take up its rightful inheritance there. But it is also the right to Existence in general, the right To Be, to exist in Love and without judgment. This process is not static. Nor is it based on theories, but is based on real experiences and the consciousness or learning that arises out of them. These experiences span many dimensions and thousands of lifetimes, but each one is a significant piece of the whole and of the soul's totality. The Tao of Eastern mysticism is often described as "the Flow of the Universe". But it is also "the Flow" that is inherent in all parts of the Universe, whether it is seen and experienced or not. There are certain paths that you can follow, or teachings or teachers that you can listen to or subscribe to as a part of your journey. There are tools to assist you along the way. Ultimately, however, you are in charge of whom and what you choose to travel with because you are the author of your journey and of your experiences. You are in charge of your worlds because you are their creator.

Living Mysticism is both the knowledge that you are part of The Big Universe and that Mysticism is very much alive in the world, but it is also that you create your own worlds which may or may not bear any resemblance to The Big Universe. Mostly not, because humans have created alternate realities, while remaining ignorant of the power that resides within them, a creative power that is inherent to being part of The Big Universe, what Charque calls your inheritance as "the Son Daughter of the Most High". Each individual eventually has to wake up to the reality that he/she creates the world they experience and then whether such realities are indeed palatable. If not, why not? Since you are part of The Big Universe, because "the Flow of the Tao" is within each one of you, all of your experiences can be seen and understood within that context. In other words, the choice is yours. You can face the realities of your own creations and learn to understand them in the light of the knowledge of The Big Universe, supplementing or replacing your limited understanding with a bigger understanding that also resides within you. This is after all a part of you. Or you can choose to simply live in your world and ignore The Big Universe. You can choose to live the Mysteries of The Big Universe, or you can choose to live something else which might also at times feel like a living hell. You have "free will", and also "free won't" as Ruth describes it.

The practice of Living Mysticism reminds you on a daily and individual basis to keep looking at your creations in the world you see and experience around you. This world continually mirrors the thoughts that are inside of you. Such thoughts, conscious or unconscious, are the source of your experiences and you need to recognize them as such. If you look at the people and situations around you as mirrors, you are seeing the thoughts you carry about yourself and your life, and these you can over time change. To quote Krishnamurti, "awareness of a problem will bring about its own mutation".

We hold a regular weekly class on Living Mysticism on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM. We focus on the four themes, or four M's of Metaphysics, Meditation, Mirrors and Messages. We select a metaphysical theme around which, loosely, the other parts rotate. Meditation involves inner focus. Mirrors involve our much advocated practice of knowing and seeing that your world reflects you and your mind. Messages, wherever they come from, help both the understanding of your world and yourself/Self, as well as helping to focus the practice of meditation. The theme for the most recent class or the next one is posted on the home page.









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